Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Turning 30!

This year was the big 3-0 birthday! It turned out to a be a wonderful day celebrating with my family and friends here.

The morning started with John making everyone pancakes. I would have been happy with just him making the kids breakfast! With this whole gluten free thing I get tired of coming up with different breakfast options and it was nice to have the break. The kids kept singing "Happy Birthday" and Graham kept getting upset that it wasn't his birthday. He wanted it to be his birthday so badly! He would tell me how he wanted a Thomas the Train birthday and he would go on and on about how it was not my birthday....finally he agreed to share.

I spent the morning having coffee with friends and visiting and then was able to have a nice long nap in the afternoon since Graham decided to nap and Peyton was invited to a friends house. The best birthday present ever.

That night we had dinner with all our close friends and enjoyed fellowship and a yummy meal. I let Graham blow out the candles on the gluten free cake I made and that seemed to do the trick although he was kind of jealous of the additional candles on my cake.

It was a great day celebrating turning 30!

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