Thursday, October 31, 2013

School Halloween Parties and Trick or Treating!

In the week leading up to Halloween both kids schools had a Halloween Parade and Party. First up was Graham's preschool. They had a parade outside to a park nearby and then had a small party afterwards. As we were pulling Halloween costume options out I started to realize we were running low on costumes for his size but we had a couple and he decided he wanted to be a cowboy this year. 

And he was a pretty adorable cowboy!

Next up was Peyton's school Halloween parade. The school does a really big one for all the students from Kindergarten to Fourth grade which she will be in next year but this year was a practice run with just the K4 classes. Despite all my encouraging and asking about being anything else or using any of the other many costumes we had, she insisted for weeks on being the ghost like last year. My daughter is for sure her own person and does things her way!

Her class had some games and then snacks and Peyton was just so excited to have me there with her. I always love going to her classroom and seeing how she interacts with her friends and with her teacher. It brings so much comfort to see her being so confident and such a leader in those situations. 

A fun couple of days hanging out with the kids classes and celebrating Halloween! And then we got to do trick or treating with friends! Peyton decided at the last minute to be a veterinarian which was a welcomed change! We met up with our Saudi family (a group of five other families) at one of our houses and did some trick or treating together. Graham got more into it this year and Peyton was a pro. Even when we were "done" she wasn't and so John took her and a friend and kept going. They loaded up and had a great time!

After we all finished up our trick or treating together we finished up at one of our houses for some yummy chicken tortilla soup. It was a fun evening going around and visiting everyone on camp and then hanging out with friends at the end! Happy Halloween!

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