Monday, November 11, 2013

Announcing our big news...

Finally we get to announce our biggest news of the year.....we are expanding our family! We have known FOREVER that we were pregnant (since mid September) and it was so hard to not share with everyone! We had shared with family, close friends on camp as soon as we got a positive test and then with the kids after we had my seven week appointment and came back from Nepal and everything still was showing signs of a viable pregnancy. 

A poor picture of a picture.....our 10 week ultrasound. The ultrasound at the clinic on our camp is really old so I am looking forward to having a better quality one starting in January! is all the information about our big news....

I thought you were done having kids? Didn't you sell ALL your baby everything? Yes, we thought we were done. I think with having Graham and moving all at the same time, it was a really hard adjustment. It was so much harder than I anticipated and we struggled as a family and I struggled mentally and emotionally and so we were done. We couldn't go through that again. changes, your heart changes and you sit down and really want to make sure that you prayed and considered whether your family was complete. Last January I was starting to feel like our family wasn't complete. It caught me off guard but I started praying, seeking counsel from friends and decided to approach John and let him know that I didn't feel confident one way or another but that this was on my heart. I really had to prep him so he wouldn't flip out! He was pretty shocked and pretty confident that he would NOT change his mind but he agreed to consider it, pray about it and talk about it later. We both agreed to be open to it and pray. We didn't talk much more about it until the summer and we both were starting to feel God soften our hearts and see our family as a family of five. I made sure during my summer doctor appointments that I would be cleared to get pregnant if we wanted to do and we left it at that. We came back to Saudi, prayed more together and more conversations and decided that yes, we felt that we wanted to and were in a position to have another baby....but that we would give it time and see what happens. Well.....we got pregnant right away and looking back and also looking forward to when our due date is a perfect time! And yes, we have sold nearly everything from Graham so we are starting over again but the nice thing is that by the time you are on baby #3 you realize they don't need nearly as much stuff as you bought for baby #1.

At 10 weeks about to go to a Halloween party as a robber! Body for sure knows what to do by pregnancy #3.....look at that bump!
When is your due date? Are you having the baby in Saudi?
My due date is May 27 and being a repeat c-section I will be delivering around May 20, pending any complications (like low fluid levels with Peyton) that would require me to deliver earlier. I am having the baby in Saudi. This was one of the biggest parts of the discussion for me and having to feel comfortable with the idea of delivering over here. It is not practical for me to take my two kiddos and travel to Washington where our only support structure is my parents and my dad works a rotational job. We have support here and a great community to help us out with driving kids places, watching kids and meals and it would be easier on Peyton and Graham to be here and adjust to this and I want and need John to be here for the birth of the baby and not stress about being alone. It is going to be so hard to not be around family during this process and during the birth and it is hard to think that they won't see the baby until we go home over the summer but I try not to focus on it and remember that those are sacrifices of being here, that delivering here at home is the best thing mentally for me and we will have a beautiful time when we do go home this summer. I will be delivering at the main camps hospital (about 45 minutes away) and have heard great things about it. I know it will be different and some culture shocking moments but I am trying to mentally prepare for it and focus that the goal is a healthy mommy and baby. I have been having my appointments at our clinic and will start seeing the specialists at the main hospital the end of January and am hoping that will help calm the few nerves I still have about delivering here. 

Is it a boy or girl?
We don't know yet and we are not planning on finding out! We are going to be surprised this time! 

We figured we have nothing for baby, the big kids are sharing a room here in Saudi regardless because it is easier and they are closer in routine so why not do things different this time and be surprised!

Were you pregnant in Nepal? How did that go?
Yes, I was pregnant and I knew it when I went to Nepal. I was right around 7-8 weeks. I felt great leading up to the trip and then two days before starting feeling so incredibly nauseous and then actually threw up once a couple days before going. I was so scared of how I would manage it. So, we looked around at five different pharmacies to find vitamin B6 to help with nauseousness. I started taking it in the morning and afternoon and during the trip was fine with just taking it in the morning and as long as I took it and ate something every two hours,  I thankfully wasn't nauseous, could eat anything and the smells didn't get to me. I felt great! And after coming home I felt the same, this pregnancy has been super easy in regards to morning sickness (more like my pregnancy with Peyton) which I am very thankful for!

The Evolution of Pregnancy.....thankful to be pregnant with friends....In this picture, I am about 9 weeks, Britnee is about  31 with her third and my friend Sam's baby boy (her second) is about 3 weeks old. We will all have babies within 7 months of each other!
What did the kids say?
The moment we told Peyton and Graham was by far the best moment of this pregnancy and was such a special moment that we will treasure forever. When we told Peyton about being pregnant she was too young to understand but this time she completely gets it and Graham was six months older than Peyton was and has a big sister to mimic. We told them that I went to the doctor to find out why my tummy was hurting....Peyton's immediate diagnosis was that I had Celiacs like them....and I told them that the doctor told me that there was a baby in my tummy. Peyton's first response, "Thank you Jesus for finally giving us another baby....I prayed a lot for one." Melt your heart! They were full of questions, lots of dancing around and singing with joy. They were so excited and ready to tell the world their exciting news. They have nicknamed the baby, "Rosie," and where that came from I have no idea....either Caillou (a cartoon) or one of Graham's Thomas Trains is named Rosie. But they pray daily for Rosie, come up and rub my belly to talk to Rosie and it has been such a special time with them. Peyton very much wants a baby sister and as said we will keep having babies until a girl arrives so we have been working on being thankful to God for a healthy baby. Graham is just excited about having a baby. He is my nurturer and is so sweet and loving already towards the baby. Really a special time sharing this with them! We have a video of when we told them but it was on our video camera and we can't figure out how to get it off and format it to view on the computers or send as a file. 

How are you feeling? 
Pretty good....EXHAUSTED but overall good. This pregnancy has been pretty tiring on me and that is the one symptom that has caught me off guard. I can fall asleep at 6:00 PM and sleep through the night I am that tired sometimes! Afternoon naps have become the normal around here and thankfully Peyton has been great about playing in the playroom while I nap in the living room but that often means more TV than normal. But I have found even after a good night sleep and a nap I still feel horrible and exhausted. Goodness....growing a baby and having two more is exhausting! I have been having cramping like I had with Graham which is my irritable uterus but know how to manage it better this time and have been taking it easy, staying really hydrated and not picking up the kids. Thankfully the cramping has seemed to lessen as I progress in the pregnancy so I am hoping that will continue. 

Around 12 weeks....
Whew....that is all I can think of for now. I will try to do baby #3 updates but I can already see how the third child gets less pictures and probably less pregnancy blog posts...I don't have the time or energy! But we are so excited about all the craziness about to happen in May! 

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Stori Wann said...

Yay! Finally :). Babies are exciting. Unexpected babies are extra special. But an unexpected, gender surprise babe... OUT. OF. CONTROL. I am really excited!!!

I feel like we are so similar, and you are going through what I went through with Gemma. Its so wonderful that you can have "Rosie" at your home. I wish that that had been a viable option with Gemma, but God worked it out so well. I know He will be with you every step of the way.

Please try to update more, I am going to totally latch onto your pregnancy because I love babies and I think everyone should have at least THREE! Yay!!!