Saturday, November 9, 2013

Murder Mystery Party

About nine months ago one of our good friends here decided to plan a Murder Mystery party. It was so much fun! There isn't much to do in regards to entertainment here and so it was a fun and different thing to do for the evening. It did take so much planning though on her part. She made the guest list and emailed all of us our parts before the summer so we could all pick up costumes while in the States. It all came together and everyone looked great. It was a 1920's theme, Murder at the Juice Joint. 

I was the cocktail waitress.....Kitty Cocktail. 

John was an illegal arms dealer and the club bouncer and my boy friend.

Here I am with one of my best friends here and the host of the evening! So thankful for her! I love that she is from Seattle too and so when we are all done here we will be close together!  

Another really good friend here. We both ordered the same dress and size but from different companies and it was funny how different they both fit. 

It was such a fun evening and we are planning next years for sure!

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