Saturday, November 23, 2013

Peyton's Art Show

Peyton did another session of art class this fall and she loved it! For as analytical as she can be she does love art class and it is such a great resource to have here. It was a eight week session and she had a art show at the end to show off her work!

I love the next painting....everyone had flowers/dots on the bottom like the example from Monet. When I asked Peyton why her painting didn't have the flowers her response was, "because I didn't think it should, flowers don't grow out of the water." Already expressing her creative input! 

Graham was so proud of his sister! He loved looking at all her paintings and wanted his picture taken with her as well. He adores her! He kept telling her that she was an artist just like his "G."

We are thankful for the teacher and the time and effort she puts into these sessions and are looking forward to the Spring session!

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