Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rain...lots of Saudi!

Rain in Saudi is always an exciting and unexpected event but rain for about a week and hard not good. We saw on the weather that we would be getting some storms but I didn't expect what we did get! 

We had days upon days of rain and more rain and since we have NO drainage system it just flooded the streets and made a mess. Some houses have flat roofs that caved in and it was a mess. Thankfully for some reason our street never really flooded and our house was fine but it made for an interesting and housebound week!

The beach the night of the first big storm
A major intersection on camp that was flooded.
Damage to our beach path how high the tide got. 

Not our house but a vacant one near a friends....the ground got so saturated and then the wind would pick up that there were trees falling down all over and large trees. Again, thankfully none of our trees fell and we had no issues. 

More flooded streets.

Waiting for Peyton's bus
Peyton had school the entire time, the buses just avoided flooded intersections and went around but I didn't want to deal with it and drive Graham so we stayed home, cuddled, made hot chocolate and had some mommy and Graham time!

So that was our first experience of pretty crazy weather in Saudi!

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