Monday, February 3, 2014

Superbowl….Go Seahawks!!!

While the kids and I were in Washington we were able to experience the excitement of watching the Seattle Seahawks make it to the Superbowl. Peyton loved watching the games and cheering them on and is becoming a true Seahawk fan. So, Superbowl Sunday we had to cheer on our new hometown team from Saudi.

The kids wore their Seahawks gear on Sunday to school in support of their team. Peyton calls them the "Seahockeys," for some reason. 

And then the debate began of whether we should wake up to watch the game. The game started at 2:30 AM Monday morning in Saudi and we decided to do it and wake up in support of the Seahawks. I had made baked french toast the night before to throw in the oven since traditional Superbowl snack food didn't sound appealing that early in the morning. So, we got up, got our shirts on and some coffee and streamed the game live from

And it was so worth it!! It was also a lot of fun to hang out together and cheer them on! John and I are hoping one day to make it to some home games in Seattle and continue our support for the Seahawks!

Peyton woke up around 6:00 AM just as the fourth quarter started and was a little irritated that we didn't wake her up and that she didn't have her shirt (it was dirty from the day before), so I gave her mine and she started cheering. She asked why they said her name on the TV (for Peyton Manning) and when I explained it was a player on the other team she was less than impressed and said it was a girls name so why does he have it. She was over the moon and shouted for joy when they won and loved watching the confetti and the trophy presentation and asked to buy the Superbowl celebration package being advertised and to go to a Seahawk game. So, I am thinking for sure we need to look into a game for us three sometime!

Graham woke up around the end as well and was still sleepy and not as thrilled. And of course baby #3 was present and crazy active all day long after having coffee and french toast and maple syrup all within three hours! 

23 weeks and 4 days with Baby #3
A fun morning of celebration although John was pretty tired at work and I was worn out by the end of the day! We only wish we could be in Washington celebrating with everyone! Way to go Seahawks!

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