Wednesday, February 5, 2014

24 Weeks: Baby #3

Not much to update on baby #3 this week but we are now 24 weeks! And I did realize that I actually had pictures from both previous pregnancies at 24 weeks (I skipped some weeks with Graham) so I thought it would be fun to show a belly comparison. 

In my opinion, baby #3 belly is smaller than the other two. I feel smaller and like I haven't gained as much weight but I am not sure. We don't own a scale and I haven't seen a doctor since beginning of December so I have no idea what my weight gain is. I was supposed to have a doctor appointment when I got back but they rescheduled it to February 13. We knew calling and trying to reschedule for earlier was a pointless battle so we just have to wait until next week. I figure that baby is growing, I am gaining weight, the kicks/hits are getting stronger and I have no obvious signs of complications that we are doing good. Thankfully this is #3 and I am a whole lot more relaxed about it given where we are :)

Other than baby getting much more active and stronger, not much has changed. I still feel great and have energy which is nice since we are doing potty training with Graham and need all the energy to keep up with him on that. No real cravings or food aversions, my appetite has slowed down though. I was constantly hungry for a couple of weeks and now it is more normal. Trying to make sure I am staying hydrated and drinking more water than I think I need, it is one thing that helps the cramping. I have experienced mild cramping again here and there since we have been back but I have attributed that to being back from vacation and having to do my normal routines here. It is manageable and not that bad which is the main thing.

The kids are still over the moon and ask daily how big is the baby and what is it doing or what is developing. They have been moved into their shared room (Peyton's old room) and love it. They are doing great going to sleep, respecting boundaries and love being together. We have also implemented more detailed morning and nighttime routine charts that have added responsibilities that I was doing for them before (like packing their backpacks) so that they can take on more responsibility for things that they easily can do and hopefully will help things run smoothly when baby arrives. Peyton is a big help in encouraging Graham and helping him complete the routines. 

We are all doing great and enjoying this pregnancy to the fullest! It is sure flying by!

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