Friday, February 7, 2014

Baby #3….What will it be?!?!?

Yes we were planning on waiting and being surprised about the gender of baby #3 however the ultrasound technician had other plans for us…and so we are thrilled to announce the news…..

We were at a friends daughter's birthday party and she had this adorable Photo Booth set up for the mustache themed bash and we got in on the fun and thought it would be a great way to announce that we are having a……….

Yes, we are having a sweet little GIRL! And we are all over the moon with excitement! We were both pretty confident that it was given how similar this pregnancy is to Peyton's and how different it is from Graham's and I also figured that since we agreed on a boys name immediately and still don't have a girls name that it would be a girl!

After the slip up at the appointment, we waited and received the ultrasound pictures on a CD and looked through them together to confirm what we had heard and spent several days just reflecting, and enjoying the little secret between John and I. And I started crafting bows, headbands, a bow holder and little onesie dresses for her! 

We then decided to share it with the kids and made them cupcakes with pink icing and put them under a bowl, we explained that when they lifted the bowl that it would reveal whether they are having a sister or a brother. They lifted it up and Peyton was overjoyed! Graham was happy to have a cupcake! 

Peyton has been asking, pleading, praying for a sister and we have worked so hard for her to understand that a healthy baby is what we were praying for and so when we told her she was overjoyed! I heard her throughout the whole night thanking God for a sister and just saying it out loud over and over. She is thrilled! Graham figured it out a couple of days later and is just excited about the baby. I did ask him for some name suggestions and in addition to the nickname "Rosie" we already have, he offered, "Human, marshmallow and rebel." Hmmm….

John and I are thrilled! We were really fine either way and fine with not finding out (the nursery is still staying gender neutral minus the addition of some bow holders and I love the nursery and wouldn't change it even if I knew earlier) but there is a sweetness to finding out. We are both so excited that Graham is our little man and we both have this special bond with him. He is also going to rock as a big (and little) brother to his sisters! And I am excited to get super girly with this one! I know from past experience that it will quickly pass and she will have her own opinions on bows and frilly things!

So….right around 100 or so more days until we meet our daughter!

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