Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Start of Soccer Season

Just before we left for Washington Peyton started soccer practice and the soccer season. We then left for a month which meant her missing a month of practices but made it back in time for the fun part….games! Her first game she didn't make it out because of jet lag but she was ready for the second game (we have had one more since then) and did great! The team we played was a little rough but she held her own, got up when she fell and was in there going after the ball. She is tough and she holds her own against those boys! This past weeks game she was even getting in some good blocks and playing great defense! 

John is helping with coaching this year and he was amazing and went to two practices a week for a month while his kid was away to keep helping and being there for the kids! Such a good dad! We are so thankful that he has the time right now to be able to help coach and do things like this with the kids.

Graham LOVES playing soccer and kicking the ball around with me while Peyton is practicing and doesn't like the games because he just wants to play. He gets so sad that he isn't old enough! He is actually really good and has impressive ball control and handling for a three year old….he is actually better than Peyton! But as much as he would rather play at the games he is his sisters biggest fan and cheers her on and at the end of each game runs up to her, gives her a big hug and tells her she did a great job. 

What has been the best part of soccer games is watching the transformation in Peyton since last year. Soccer season last year was just before she got sick in April and we discovered she had Celiacs that summer and it was such a battle to get her to go to practice, run for even five minutes of the game. She was always complaining, saying she was exhausted and we were battling her going to games and practices which is why John was not impressed when I brought up soccer again this year. But this year….she is ready hours before practice because she is so excited about going, she works hard at practice and loves it and she runs hard during the game. She sat out only once or twice last game and not because she asked but because we had to rotate players. It is just another instance where I sing continual praises to God that she is healthy, that we knew early on her life (and even earlier in Graham's) what was causing her to be tired, weak and sick and that we have vibrant and healthy kids! So thankful!

Looking forward to a month more of games and practice!

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