Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

Unfortunately for Father's Day this year I was incredibly sick with a 103 fever that lasted for five days. Thankfully it was just a virus and not an infection but because I was recovering from the c-section and breast feeding the doctor warned me that it would take awhile to get better since my body was pretty depleted and he was right….it was rough. So, I had tons of ideas of some activities for the kids to do leading up and how we were going to spoil daddy for the day but instead John took care of all of us and especially me which if anything shows what an amazing partner and father he is.

I did however work on one gift prior to having Shiloh so that was together and ready for daddy… is a weekend away in January 2015 to run the Dubai Marathon! John has talked about running a marathon again and wanted to do one overseas. This one was close by, I could use airline miles to fly him there for free and so I planned it all out for him and now he just has to train :) He supports all of us so much in achieving goals, encouraging us and we want to do the same for him.

My boys!!

Even if I had been feeling great I couldn't have put together enough gifts or activities to show my appreciation and how much we value John. He is an amazing father and partner in parenting and I am so incredibly thankful for him! It has been a honor to watch him grow in both roles over the years and our children are very blessed!

Daddy with his two princesses

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