Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Plans for Summer….

One of the benefits of living overseas is the huge amount of vacation days that John has. We are so thankful for the extra time he has off from work that allows for long vacations and multiple vacations during the year. At the same time it is really hard at times to plan/use all those days and make sure that the department you are in has coverage and coordinating everyone's vacation requests especially in the summer when everyone is wanting to leave. So, you have lots of back and forth with vacation requests…..like we had this year! 

We requested to leave end of July, was told no and so we planned for a summer in Saudi. Not ideal but we were going to make it work and came to a place where we were being positive about it. Then we found out just a little bit ago that he was going to be given his vacation time and so off we go…in a month….to Washington for five weeks! Thankfully we have been on top of getting Shiloh's passport and all her paperwork done so it should be ready by the time we leave. We are however having to change our frame of mind from staying put and getting through the summer to flying home with three kids, and a busy summer in Washington! Lots of planning, preparing mentally and checking off lists! But we are so excited to be able to introduce Shiloh to my dad and sisters and have a summer in Washington! And John is with us the entire trip…flying both ways and hanging out with us for five weeks…that might be my favorite part!!

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