Thursday, June 26, 2014

Last Day of School…Next Stop …Kindergarten

Before I knew it, the last day of school arrived! This school year seems to have flown by and thankfully we were so busy with adjusting to having a new baby I didn't have time to really think about the last day of school and how next year my little girl is off to Kindergarten…all day long….still hasn't hit me!

Last Day of School - June 26, 2014
First Day of School - September 1, 2013
Peyton has done amazing in K4 and I have been so proud of what a leader she is in her classroom and even more confident she has become. Her teacher has commented on how much she seeks to include everyone and encourage everyone in her class and I have been able to see it as well when I have been in her class for various things. She has a confidence that I certainly don't have even as an adult and it very impressive. I have loved being able to go to her classroom and help out and attend field trips and see her in her element. 

At the beginning of the year I asked the kids what they wanted to be when they grew up and her responses were dentist and doctor, now at the end of school her responses are, "dentist, engineer and veterinarian." She often asks how she is going to manage three jobs and also still have kids and she has come to the decision that she will just have me watch them because I know how to handle it :)

Peyton loved PE and Art at school and those were easily her favorite days. For someone so analytical, it seemed odd that she loved art so much but I think she loves creating things, imagining things and seeing them come to life through art. She also loves to use her hands and build random stuff using household objects like milk cartoons, and cereal boxes and more. We currently have a parrot habitat and a pirate ship around our house made of random items. She loves to think through things and figure out how they work and build them…the engineer side of her coming out!

As hard as it is to imagine having a kindergartener, I am so incredibly confident in her ability to succeed and know she is more than ready! I am however soaking up the time and treasuring these summer days with her because I know that our time together is going to be drastically reduced come fall and that is the hardest thing for me. 

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Stori Wann said...

She'll do well in whatever she decides to be! She seems like a sweetheart, and how exciting that she wants to be an engineer! You must be very proud :).