Sunday, June 8, 2014

Graham Preschool Graduation

Graham's teacher organized a graduation recognition ceremony for all the kids who will be attending the K3 program at the elementary school next year. It still amazes me that both Graham and Peyton have attended preschool with Ms. Swati and now they are off to the big kid elementary. I am so thankful for all the time, effort, passion and love she has poured into my kids!

I was so thankful my mom was here because I have no idea how I would have managed everything since the graduation was exactly two weeks after I had Shiloh! Shiloh attended and wore a cute dress and bow but no one saw her because I had her all covered up in her car seat with her cover on so no kids would touch her and pass germs along!

The K3 program next year is either mornings or afternoons and after much consideration and looking at the timings I decided to request afternoons. Peyton will be gone all day now (she is home for lunch) and I couldn't imagine getting everyone up and going (especially since for K3 they don't ride the bus) in the mornings and I also realized that I am a much happier and more energetic mommy in the mornings and I would rather Graham have the best side of me. My hope is that Shiloh will have a good long afternoon nap that will give me some alone time in the afternoons! We will see…either way it is going to be a new adjustment having Peyton gone all day and dropping off Graham at the big kid school!

Graham has done amazing at school this year and loves to go! He has so much confidence and really loves his school. It has been so nice to watch him run into his class and then pick him up and hear him tell me about his day with so much enthusiasm. Proud of my little graduate and onto the big kid school!

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