Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Houston Children's Museum

Yesterday we made a visit to the Houston Children's Museum and Auntie Ashley joined us!

I haven't taken Peyton to the Children's Museum since her first birthday so it was so much fun to see how much more she could experience and how different she interacted with things.

As soon as we got there and Peyton say Auntie Ashley she was so excited! She loves her so much!

We started with looking through an exhibit on life in Vietnam. She was very interested in the altar in the hut replica that is made when family members pass away. She was very busy in making her own version of it!

We then went to this area which essentially a mini kid city. It has a bank, grocery store, restaurant, vet office, police station and news station. Pretty much the kids are supposed to work at jobs, earn money and then put it in the bank. Peyton LOVED the vet area and had a blast taking care of the fake cats and dogs. She would brush their hair, give them pretend water and she just loved it. Maybe there is a future as a vet for her?

After the vet, Peyton practiced being a police officer by driving the car and promptly arresting Auntie Ashley. They had a blast with each other.

We then spent our "money" at the art studio coloring a picture. It was pretty cute...Auntie Ashley said that they should make a picture of Max, her dog, and as soon as she said that Peyton started looking around for him! On a side note...she is starting to say some version of, "woof, woof," which is adorable! I love it!

We had a great afternoon and loved spending time with Auntie Ashley....yes, Peyton is in this picture...look down!

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