Friday, June 25, 2010

Rest of the week

We have had a busy couple of days! Yesterday (Wednesday) I had some important errands so my sister agreed to watch Peyton for me. Well earlier in the week she decided she wanted to take Peyton somewhere fun so....they went to the zoo!

I tried to get a picture of them before they left but I was promptly told "no."But I did get some pictures of her playing while we were waiting for Auntie Ashley to come pick her up. I loved that whenever I asked her if she was excited to see Ashley and go to the zoo she would run to the door to look for her and when she wasn't there she would put her arms out like, "where is she?"

Well she finally arrived, packed the car up and off they went. From what I heard they had a blast. They saw some animals (Sea Lions were her favorite), played on the slide (like a thousand times), pet a goat, and played in the water sprinkler area in her diaper! Around 2:00 PM I hadn't heard anything and was a little worried since she normally naps from noon to 2:00 but when I called I was told that they were having a blast, no temper tantrums and were off to meet some of Ashley's friends for lunch at Chuy's. I want to eat at Chuy's! There Peyton had four tortillas and two whole plates of rice and beans! She was hungry (of course she was not impressed earlier with the lunch I packed for her)! They finally made it home around 4:30 and I had a tired pumpkin! It was awesome though because I was done with my stuff around 2:00 and had a couple of hours to shop, relax, read a book! It was great! I loved that they had so much fun together and that Peyton just had a blast! I LOVE that Peyton loves her Auntie's....and yes, Shannon....she loves you too even if you are in California...I weekly have to answer the question on where is Shh?

Well, since she was so worn out from her day out and only napped for about 30 minutes, we decided to skip swimming....we were so can't really get sarcasm across in a blog! But we did go today and it was so much better! Mostly because we allowed Peyton to pretty much lead the show. Lessons started and we were still playing with the fountain and then she decided to join them and do some stuff. Then she wanted to practice getting out of the pool and jumping in so we let her and then used that time to get her to practice kicking to the wall etc. Overall it was so much better! I will be taking her myself Monday so I praying this new strategy works!

This weekend is busy with working on finishing painting our armoire, cleaning, friends coming over for dinner, helping my sister move into a new apartment, Grandma Martha coming to visit and a friend's going away party....but...I am hoping to blog about some of the projects I have been working on around the house and an interesting parenting book I am almost done with so hopefully I find the time!

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