Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Please move to the front of the class!

I haven't really updated everyone on the status of swimming lessons. Well, we are still going! After that one day when we really just let guide the show the whole experience was 100 times better. Oh the joys of raising a strong willed child!

Well last nights swimming lesson was amazing! She was the star student for sure! Sure helps that the skill we were working on was going under water.... something she has only wanted to do from day one!

The other kids would cry and she would just look at them like what is your problem and then just sit under the water. At one point we were supposed to hold them, count 1-2-3 and then dunk them...well, Peyton would immediately say three after I started and dunk herself.

We had a blast and she was so excited! Auntie Ashley will be going us at swimming tonight so it should be interesting. Peyton is always extra silly and wild around her Auntie. I think they pick up on each others craziness! Tonight will actually be our last lesson (unless we get rained out and we have our last one Friday) since Thursday we are having a Canada Day party!

Here is Peyton on the way to swimming eating her foot! Then on the way home....she would say, "eat, eat, eat," while moving her foot to her mouth and then once it got there, " NOOOOOOO." She did that about 50 times...louder and louder! Silly!

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Stori said...

I could eat, eat, eat her up! She's so cute!!!