Thursday, April 7, 2011

4 Weeks - Graham

On Tuesday Graham was four weeks old...four weeks have passed by which at times seems like it flew by and other times that it has been a whole lot longer than four weeks.

These past four weeks have been 1,000 times harder than I ever imagined. I knew having another baby would be different, more hectic but I was never prepared for how much change Graham would bring. I was very unprepared and for some reason just thought having a baby around would just flow into our lives seamlessly. It hasn't been like and part of that is that recovery this time has been harder and it is hard to work through all of the changes....change to my relationship with John, with Peyton and with body, my emotions, my hormones. I forgot how hard it was to go without sleep and compound that with the inability to catch up during the day or to "sleep when the baby sleeps," with a toddler running around. I miss my time with just Peyton, I miss spending the day cuddling and not having to do anything besides loving on her. Which on a side note...I bought tickets to Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3 for next Sunday for just me and Peyton! I am so excited about our Mommy and Peyton date and can't wait to surprise her!

But as hard as these past four weeks have been.....I LOVE seeing Peyton and Graham together. Peyton gives him hugs, kisses and tell him everything is "ok," when he is crying. I LOVE seeing Graham experience new things and love how he is so peaceful and happy when he has his baths and gets his massage. I LOVE hearing him grunt and make the strangest noises as opposed to crying. I LOVE how he cuddles into my chest and falls asleep.

So is some stats on the little man (mostly so I don't forget)....
  • eat ALL the time! I can't keep up with feeding you and it is very tiring on mommy! Even with the addition of formula I feel like I can't ever get you full and happy!
  • You have grown a bunch. I am interested to see how much you weigh! We tried to weigh you while holding you on the scale and it came out to be over 9 lbs....we will see. You look so big to me and are out of your newborn clothes.
  • You are very strong and can easily lift your head while on your tummy
  • Like Peyton you like your hands out of the swaddle while sleeping
  • You are awake a lot more than Peyton was but are pretty content to hang out by yourself which is good because I am pretty busy with your sister
  • You love your pacifier or your hands or my shoulder.....anything to suck on.
  • Bath time is your favorite time and you are so still and peaceful. I always hate to end bath time because you look so happy.
  • You look like your sister to is a picture of Peyton at 4 weeks....besides you being fatter, I think you look the same
Here are some things mommy has learned about having two kids....
  • Planning is my friend. Gone are the days when you can just do everything before you leave. For example, on days when Peyton has school.... I used to wake up whenever Peyton got up, make her lunch that morning and we would still have plenty of time. Now...the night before lunch is made, every one's clothes are laying out, breakfast is planned and easy to assemble, mommy is up before everyone to get dressed.
  • The start of a good day is when Mommy is up before everyone and can get at least 50% of the way ready before everyone wakes up.
  • I am learning (and having a hard time learning this lesson) to readjust expectations of myself...I used to be able to have the goal of "clean the house" and easily accomplish, a goal of "clean living room" is more realistic
  • That I am more tired than I ever could imagine! to make myself lunch (or attempt to), finish up some laundry and maybe get a quick nap before I pick up Peyton from school!

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