Sunday, April 3, 2011

Strawberry Picking

We have survived another first...our first fun family outing as a family of four! We have gone out and done some errands together (I think only once) but this morning we went to Froberg Farm in Alvin, Texas and picked some strawberries! We did cheat by bringing Granny and Papa with steps!

We did this two years ago with Peyton (didn't make it out there last year) and even when she was just 7 months or so old the first time she liked it but this time she was so excited to go this year! I loved looking back at the pictures of her from the first time...she was so adorable!

Well, this year she is still just as adorable and she did a great job and I loved hearing her running commentary about the whole experience! I love hearing her say the word "strawberries." We came home with two buckets of yummy fresh strawberries and a very tired family! Granny made sure Graham got in the fun and had some evidence of his outing. He was so good and slept the whole time!

This afternoon Peyton, Graham and I had a nice couple hour nap this afternoon while daddy had to go into work and now we are waiting daddy to come home with some yummy Mexican food for dinner! A good day for sure!

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