Monday, April 11, 2011

My husband rocks!

I just wanted to take the time to sing praises about my husband. He is always pretty willing to spoil me and put my needs ahead of his own but lately he has been amazing.

On Wednesday, I had an AWFUL day with both kids. Graham was cranky for the first time ever and constantly wanted to be held, Peyton was whining a bunch, I was tired and never got out of my PJ's or had a shower, couldn't get Graham to nap at all during Peyton's nap even though she slept for an extra 1.5 hours...4.5 hours total and so it was a long day. That night when he got home and saw how tired and frazzled I was, he told me to go and take a shower, get dressed and then take some time to go to Target by myself while he did bath time and bed time for both Peyton and Graham. I greatly enjoyed my time out and even had time to try on some clothes and buy myself some new clothes!

Thursday night, still sensing how exhausted I was....I was able to make a bed in Graham's room on the floor (Graham is still sleeping in his bassinet in our room) and sleep uninterrupted from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM...minus Peyton's midnight nightmare....while John fed and cared for Graham. It was amazing and so needed!

Friday night, after taking family pictures at the park, picking up our dog at the vet and driving home with two crying kids and a whinny dog in the trunk...John still was fine with me going out and meeting my good friend for dinner that I had planned earlier in the week. I was willing to cancel to help out at home and especially since he was so giving the past two nights but he was amazing and just asked me to stay until he was able to eat and then he took it from there and I was able to have a wonderful time catching up and having great fellowship with a dear friend.

Saturday....I started feeling sick with a sore throat so again that night John told me to just sleep in Graham's room so I could get some rest and hopefully recover faster and also stay away from Graham as much as possible. So another night of good sleep. I still feel crummy but better than if I hadn't gotten so much sleep this weekend.

So...I pretty much think that my husband is amazing! I know that he is exhausted and could have used sleep this weekend and would have appreciated a night or two of uninterrupted sleep (which I plan to give him when I feel better) but instead of complaining he graciously served me and took care of me. I am also so blessed that I have a husband who doesn't mind watching the kids so I can go out and doesn't complain. He sees it as part of his role as a dad and understands that I am a happier mommy and wife when I have time away. I love watching him with Peyton and Graham and love seeing how comfortable he is with caring for Graham and how often times he can comfort him better than I do.

I am so blessed to be able to enjoy life, marriage and parenting with a wonderful God seeking man!


Stori said...

That's wonderful Che! I know the bible says an understanding wife is from the Lord... but the same definitely applies to husbands. I'm so glad you have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Way to go to hear this...he is a special one and growing dearer every day