Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Midweek Ramblings

I haven't done these posts in awhile but it seemed appropriate for this week because so much random stuff has happened...
  • Sunday....Peyton went to a birthday party at the horse farm and was able to ride a horse. She LOVED it which made me feel horribly guilty that her former equestrian mommy is depriving her of this experience. I just don't think she is ready to understand that it is a serious thing and she needs to be still and listen BUT she listened incredibly well at the party and walked up to the horse, followed the grooms instructions and did great SO...maybe we need to look into riding lessons next fall? 
  • Then after the party....things got interesting and not the good kind of interesting....Peyton had an potty accident and she was waiting for me in the bathroom, she decided to get her by herself and when I started walking towards the bathroom and saw her,  I yelled at her to stop, she turned to look at me and then fell forward hitting her head on the soap dish and then fell backwards hitting the back of her head on the side of the tub and then was on the bottom of the tub just still with no response. She was conscious but I was screaming her name over and over and nothing. Finally, she responded and started screaming and crying and sat up and as soon as she did started bleeding out of her nose. I grabbed a towel, picked her up out of the tub, ran and found some pants since she was naked and then searched frantically for a phone (which of course were not in the right place), John came home at that moment and I just yelled that we needed to get to the ER. He asked why, Peyton looked at him and he saw the massive bruise on her forehead and the blood and he went and found Graham who was still playing in the playroom oblivious to what was happening and he drove us to the ER. The whole ER experience was great. The doctor and the nurses were calming, good with Peyton, good with me and very proactive and did everything that they could and should. I was really impressed. BUT the experience with Peyton was awful, she didn't want anyone to touch her or come near her, she was so scared and it was just awful. Finally we were able to calm her down to do some tests and an x-ray and by the time we were done with observation she was playing with me in the bed. We were released with instructions to wake her every 2-3 hours, keep her home from school and watch for all the serious head trauma signs. She did fine throughout the night and the rest of the day and was cleared at her 24 hour follow up. She does have a massive and nasty bruise on her forehead, on the top of her eye and a swollen nose/eye area. She finally agreed to get into the bathtub last night but only my bathtub and not the one in the kid's bathroom where she fell. It was awful and I still start to get teary and shaken up. When we got home from the hospital and she had fallen asleep for the night, I just sat there and started sobbing and shaking. I knew she was fine but I hadn't cried since it happened, I had to be strong for her, sing songs and be silly and it just hit me. I pray that we never have anything more serious with her. So thankful that she is fine and despite some nasty bruises will be alright.....I am still shaking thinking about all of it. Here is her bruise almost three days later...she still her funny silly self which makes me feel better.
  • So...we spent the rest of the week home from school and cuddling but we did manage to have a baby play date on Tuesday morning and it was nice to have Graham's friends here and for him to have some play time. Peyton was a wonderful hostess since she wasn't at school and was so sweet. She answered the door and said welcome to everyone and would tell Graham his friends were here, she would give the babies toys and then when people would leave she would walk them to the door. That afternoon a couple of her friends from school came over for ice cream sundaes and she loved being able to see friends after being stuck at home.
  • My left eye has been twitching for three weeks now and it is getting worse. I know it is sleep, stress related and I can't get it to stop. It is so annoying and draining.
  • Graham waves and says "bye bye" now and will also say "hey" 
  • Swimming lesson sign ups have started and I am so excited! I am hoping Peyton can do the class without me in the water and if that is the case then I am going to try and do the Mommy and Me class with Graham.  
  • Our house closes on  Monday. My dad signs our papers as our power of attorney on Thursday and then it is all done on Monday. At first I was sad but now I am glad we are done and that it isn't just sitting there. It was a wonderful house but it is no longer our home...Saudi is our home and it is a nice feeling to know that we don't have one foot there and one foot here.
  • Peyton's class had a field trip to the duck pond. I didn't know that there was a duck pond here so it was a nice surprise. It was incredibly windy but the kids still had fun and then we went to the Golf House restaurant for french fries afterwards. I love her school and her teacher and am so thankful that we were able to find something here for her.
  • After months...we started when we moved....we finally found a buffet piece for our dining room. When we moved I purposely didn't bring something for the dining room because I wanted to buy something here and then when we got here our house had the perfect spot but I couldn't find something that I liked. Last weekend we were doing errands and decided to look at a store called Anteak Factory and as soon as I walked in I told John that I found what I was looking for....I also so an old wooden door from Afghanistan that I liked but I could only have one or the other! So, we bought the buffet and of course it was delivered while we were in the ER. Luckily it was after all the craziness, x-rays and John could leave with Graham and it worked out better so Graham wasn't having to sit there and just wait. The buffet has pieces of old Saudi doors on it but most of it is a new piece built to use the doors as accents. The flash made the glass look lighter but it is actually a really dark brown glass that blends in with the wood.
  • Not sure what we will be doing this weekend but I am looking forward to some rest! Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of your week or start of your weekend depending on where you are!

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