Thursday, February 9, 2012

Movie Review Resource

With traveling so much whether it is driving to get groceries (an hour each way), flying to Oman or flying to the States....we have to keep our movie selection pretty current otherwise we risk boredom by both parents and child. One thing that I have been mindful of is making sure the movies we do download from iTunes are suitable. I use a website called, Kids in Mind. I have found that they are very thorough in their reviews and will even address short films/previews or other things that are shown prior to the movie such as silly little cartoon sketches. Some of the things that they comment on are a little extreme such as a rock falling from a cliff hits a character and that is considered violent but I would rather have thorough than be surprised. So far it has been a huge help and also gives an overall theme and discussion topics for the movie which helps with discussing it with Peyton later. For example, we were dealing with kids being mean to each other and starting to say mean words or excluding kids and so I bought a Bugs Life for Peyton since the storyline is about standing up to bullies, being a member of a team and standing up for what is right. I figure if she is watching something, I want it make it as much of a teaching moment as possible. 

Anyways...just wanted to pass along a resource that we have found incredibly helpful!

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