Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Midweek Ramblings

Another end of a week here in the Kingdom! 
  • This week Graham started making smacking noises with his mouth and saying "yum, yum, yum" whenever he is hungry. So cute. He is also into EVERYTHING and climbing on anything and everything. I found him in his new fort the other day....
  • Peyton received several "letters" from G which makes her day. My mom made these letters before we left and fills each envelope with a note, some stickers and then a picture of them either my mom or dad or both of them. Peyton LOVES them and they always help her when she is getting a little down and missing them. I am so appreciative of the time my mom put into doing them for her.
  • I booked our trip to Abu Dhabi at the end of the month to visit with my sister and also see my dad who is stopping there on his way back to the States from a worldwide business trip. When I told Peyton that I bought tickets to Abu Dhabi she was so excited to see Auntie Ashley, Max and her blue lovey (he left it there in September when we were there) and then when I told her Papa would be there as well her she was shocked and said, "I am so excited, I love Papa so much." I was really not wanting to fly by myself with them, deal with car rental and then being away from home but seeing her excitement is worth it.
  • I finished making some artwork for the kids bathroom. I brought the supplies back with my from the States, mainly scrapbook paper, and finally made some art to hang on the walls. I couldn't find anything to match/go with the ABC theme and this worked out great and a nice way to add color on the walls. I do have some wooden letters I want to paint and add in the toilet area and maybe I can finish that up this weekend.
  • Last weekend we visited our friends, The Perry's, who just had their third baby, and after two boys they have a baby girl! We were not able to see them while they were in the hospital but it worked out well since the kids got to play while we visited and held little Brooklyn.
  • Our weight loss challenge between John and I is in full swing and we have about three more weeks to go. So far I have lost 6 of the 10 lbs to my goal and am feeling great. I am starting to focus more on toning and am just feeling healthier, more energetic and my clothes are fitting better. I am not sure how John is doing or who is winning so we will see.
  • We build a tent with tunnels in the playroom and both of the kids loved it and played forever together. Peyton was the princess, and Graham alternated between the prince or the dragon depending on whether I was the dragon. It was lots of fun and something different. I don't know why the video will only upload a portion of it but you get the picture of what our fort looked like.

  • We are hoping to take a trip to Kuwait in a couple of weeks to explore another country around us and also visit Pottery Barn. I am wanting to update our master bedroom and move away from the cool tones of blues and greens to something warmer and more vibrant to give more color in there. And the closest Pottery Barn is in Kuwait....or Riyadh but I don't feel like going on vacation and having to cover more of myself as I would have to cover my hair if we went there. 
This weekend I am going to take some newborn pictures of our friend's baby girl which I am excited and nervous about and hopefully eating at my favorite Indian restaurant in the area that they live and then just spend the rest of the weekend relaxing and working on getting things together for Graham's birthday party which will be shortly after we return from Abu Dhabi so I am trying to get as much done beforehand as possible. I still can't believe he is 11 months today!

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