Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Our actual Valentine's Day was nothing fancy and I started coming down with a cold/flu so that was no fun but Peyton was so excited about the whole day and we did lots of little things to show her how much we love her and so she had a wonderful day. 

The night before I made two Valentine's Day sacks of goodies. Other than buying some Valentine's at home for her to take to her class I completely forgot about buying stuff to give to the kids so I had to get creative. I made the bags and then filled them with stickers, candies, and other little treats that I found around the house and then wrote each of them a note about what I loved about them. 

I had a doctor's appointment in the morning so I wasn't there when they woke up but I was told that Peyton LOVED it. She was so surprised and loved everything and then had to make me one...more about that later! She also got a really cute handmade card from John which he worked really hard on.

John did great getting them dressed and tried to get some pictures of them for me but as always were not really cooperative. Peyton had a party at school and she was very excited to take her Valentine's to her friends. She had a great day and was all excited about "love day."

I was home by the time we went to pick her up and as soon as we got home she was so excited to show me the bag she made for me and John to share. To show us love, she thought that we would appreicate....juice boxes, coffee, strawberries, a lemon (because I put lemons in my water) and an apple. She was so excited and I though it was so sweet.

I spent the rest of the day laying on the couch counting down the minutes until John came back from work while Graham was a good boy and napped all afternoon and Peyton cuddled with me and watched movies. I spent the rest of the night in bed while John took care of the kids. 

I am so blessed with my two sweet Valentine's this year and it amazes me how much life has changed since last Valentine's Day and I am so thankful for Graham and how complete our family is. I am so blessed and am so in love with all of my loves!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day with your loved ones!

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