Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Midweek Ramblings

I always completely underestimate the amount of work it is to be on vacation with two kids by myself which means the blog is the last thing on my list to get done! 

We have been busy enjoying the beautiful weather, time with G and Papa and the Bellingham area. One night we decided to have a picnic on the front lawn of my parents house. We went to the grocery store that reminds me of Whole Foods called The Market and bought some delicious meals and salads and enjoyed the beautiful weather and ate and played with the dog outside.

We have visited several local farmer's markets. There is one on Wednesdays in Fairhaven and then a really big one in Bellingham on Saturdays. The one below is the Fairhaven one. We enjoyed walking around and then sitting in the grassy area listening to music and eating our ice cream cones. While we were sitting down there was a woman dressed in a fairy costume who was dancing around and dancing to the music. It made me chuckle because it felt so much like Austin and felt so normal and like it was our home. I love the uniqueness and creativity of everyone around us. 

On Thursday nights a local park hosts a variety of bands and one night it was music from Zimbabwe. We went and brought a picnic and had a blast. It was so much fun! There were so many people there and everyone was either eating their dinner and enjoying the music or up dancing! The music was great and it was just a fun experience dancing however you wanted with a wide variety of people from all the different ages and backgrounds and just a lot of fun for the kids! We were there for awhile and look forward to heading out there again!

We had family pictures...minus John :(....done by a local photographer one week which was so much fun! I wanted to get some pictures done of the kids but also of me and the kids. I always feel like I am never in any pictures and wanted to have something of me and them! I am so glad I did them as the sneak peak she sent me were great and everything I wanted. I had them done by Jennifer Morrow Photography and highly recommend her. She was so much and did great with the kids and created some beautiful pictures. I will share them once I get them all!

Peyton is still doing swimming lessons and Graham has started his now which means we are at the pool almost everyday. Peyton just finished up a three week art class and will be doing a ballet camp in a couple of weeks. It has been nice to have activities to help keep them busy.

Overall we are having a great time and falling more and more in love with Bellingham each and everyday. I am missing my partner and miss John so much! It is not the same without him! We still have about a month left which will be hard but we are thankful for the time away from Saudi and time with family!

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