Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Working/Playing at G and Papa's House

We have been lucky to enjoy a couple of beautiful days here in Washington with gorgeous weather and plenty of sunshine. It is back to cold and off and on rain today but it is still beautiful. 

The other day the kids were either outside helping out around the house or we were at the park. It was a great day and both kids were worn out.

Peyton worked out in the garage all day helping my dad organize the garage and Graham loved the broom and was sweeping the driveway. 

Peyton got her car up and running and even found some license plates in the garage to add to her car. She loved driving it around. Graham has discovered it and sits inside but doesn't get to drive it anywhere. She is a whole lot better at steering and driving this year which is nice!

Then that evening after my mom was done cutting the grass she called them down to come and ride the tractor. Peyton loved it and she loved going fast. She was so excited. 

Graham was a little more cautious and concerned. He didn't cry but just looked worried the whole time!

Other things we have been up to was a day trip to Canada to go shopping, attending church (which was so awesome to be able to worship in a corporate setting and have the kids go to age appropriate activities), lunch out, a couple of trips to the park and playing games with my family once the kids are in bed. We also went to a gymnastics class last Friday and both kids loved it. Graham fell asleep shortly after coming home and was out for hours! It was really good for him to be in a new setting, a class and around other kids and to try new things since he is so timid in new situations. I am looking forward to doing it each week with the kids. Peyton starts swimming lessons tomorrow and then Graham starts in a couple of weeks. So far off to a good summer!

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