Sunday, July 1, 2012

One Year of Photography

This week I will have been a member of a website called Clickin Moms for a whole year!! 

It is significant to me because that is honestly when I would saw that I really started putting time, money and effort towards learning about the art of photography. In that year I have taken two full participation courses and one study along course, spend countless hours pouring over the forums, reading tutorials and even more hours practicing, shooting, bribing kids to participate and working towards understanding the technical side of photography. A year later and I feel like I finally have a good grasp on the technical aspect, feel comfortable shooting in manual and am ready to explore, be adventurous and run free with my creativity, learning about different lighting and really explore where I want to take this interest of mine. 

I feel that writing out goals helps in creating accountability for achieving them so....this coming year I want to take a lighting course, work on getting consistent and strong SOOC (straight off of camera) images and push myself to be more creative and thoughtful when shooting. I am excited and so thankful that living here has allowed me to pursue this passion!

And because I thought it would be interesting to see my are some pictures from each month of the past year!! I have seen growth and am hoping this year I will make it more of a priority to shot daily and with us having a more regular life (no moving, adjusting etc) I will have more time!

End of June/July 2011....I thought this was great...back then!! Wow...some major color issues, WB is off and  could I be any closer?!?

July 2011...I took a Lightroom class (LR 101) and although it was on processing, I still learned a bunch about shooting. Getting better here but poor kids arm, leg and part of his head is cut off, focus is whack...but some improvement on editing and color.

August 2011....the end of my LR 101 course and the first time I did a session for a friend. Learned SOOO much! Starting to understand Lightroom more...

 September 2011.....did a newborn (6 week old) session for my previously pregnant friend. Learned so much about newborns, lighting, skin tones in editing. Lots of fun!

October of my most favorite pictures of Graham. Starting to get better with focus, understanding WB better and is starting to click more and more...

November and December I was in the States and since I was flying home with two kids solo did not bering my camera...which I regret now! So...January 2012.....

February 2012....a newborn shoot for our is all finally starting to click more and more. Learning more about lighting and finally able to lower my ISO and get more clarity and focus is starting to click for me!

March 2012.......Graham's first birthday....didn't shoot much this month with travel, birthday party and John's turnaround. But I was getting more comfortable even with low light situations. The month that I really spent working on ISO and reading tutorials since I didn't have time to shoot.

April 2012....I took Shooting 201. I wish I had more time to devote to it and shouldn't have taken it during John's turnaround but I still learned a bunch and am looking forward to working through the material more this summer. My favorite picture of Peyton.

End of June 2012....I got a new camera for Mother's Day and am finally feeling comfortable with it and am excited to push myself more especially with lowlight and shadows this summer!

And I am just finishing up editing a newborn session I did just before I left Saudi for the summer and am so excited to see how much I have learned and how I am improving each newborn session not only during the session but also in the editing work afterwards. 

I just renewed my membership to Clickin Moms for a Lifetime membership and am excited to take several webinars this summer and then some more classes this fall when I am back to a normal routine...although I am so tempted to take one this summer! 

Again I am so thankful for this opportunity, I only wish I had more and more time to devote to it! I am thankful for all my friends who have allowed me the opportunity to capture images for them and allow me to grow and for my husband who continues to support my interest both financially and giving me the time to do it!

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