Monday, July 30, 2012

Hill Family Golf Tournament

For the first time ever I was able to attend the annual Hill Family Golf Tournament!! Growing up we were always either overseas or in Texas and as an adult our travel plans never worked out to be there but this time we were able to attend! And my mom graciously watched the kids so I could play....or my version of playing golf! It was a lot of fun attempting to play 8 holes of golf when my only other golfing experience was over four years ago and that was the first time then. I decided by the end of the day that I was just working on obtaining the "Most Improved Player" award for next year!

The prize table....

Peyton loved playing with my cousins Landon and Tanner. She had them hopping around like bunny rabbits and playing soccer. They were such good sports.

And the presentation of the winners jacket and trophy....maybe one day I will get good enough to receive this honor!

A fun day with family and I am looking forward to next year....better start practicing!

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