Saturday, September 8, 2012

Butterfly and Flower Brunch for the Birthday Girl

A couple of days after her birthday was the big birthday party! Now that she is at an age that she has many opinions about life in general she naturally had an opinion about her party. We started with an art party, then a mermaid/pirate party and finally settled on a Butterfly and Flower brunch because she said she loved breakfast foods.

It was kind of surreal to be spending our second birthday of hers in Saudi. Last year at her party we didn't have our shipment, and life here felt so new. What I love is that many of the friends that were at her third birthday were at her fourth which was a wonderful reminder at how thankful I am to have found a good group of friends for her (and us) so quickly!

Of course I brought almost everything from the States when I was home this summer. We decorated throughout the week in lots of pinks, purples, blues, oranges and bright!

The gift bags were so cute and I found them on sale at Michaels during the summer. The girls were felt pails with flowers on them and since I thought they should have pails instead.

We played several games...musical chairs and pin the petal on the flower but by the far the best activity was decorating your own flower pots and then adding dirt and a flower. It was fun to watch the kids decorate their flower pots and then see the excitement of having their own flower in them.

Graham even had a friend there and they sat at the small table and had a blast together. They really probably had more fun than some of the big kids. They were both so into all the games, sitting at their special table and just had a blast.

We enjoyed breakfast type foods and spending time with friends and then it was time for the birthday cake! 

We ended the party with a pinata which was Peyton's favorite part of the party and she 
was so excited and still talks about it!

We were so thankful that her friend Gavin was there to celebrate with us and it is always such a joy to see them together and watch them grow up together!

Our family....Happy Birthday Peyton! We had a great time celebrating your birthday!

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