Saturday, September 29, 2012

Super Hero Friends

We have been blessed with a great diverse group of friends here in Saudi and I found it pretty amusing that probably two of our closest friends here both had Super Hero Birthday parties! I loved also that one of them were old and dear friends that we have done life with for years and the other being friends that mean the world to us here and I love that they are from Washington state so there is hope that we can continue to all live in the same place!

The first Super Hero party was for Peyton's friend Gavin. We always love getting together with the Perry family and had such a fun time at the party! Peyton was so incredibly excited to see Gavin and insisted on hiding and surprising him! 

Gavin's mom is so incredibly crafty, creative and went all out! We have a laugh almost every year how all our party planning ideas started during a drive to Palm Beach in Galveston with the kids while we were talking about their upcoming first birthday. It is fun to watch us both have so much fun with being creative in our kids parties! She had personalized capes for every kid that greeted everyone as they came in. Peyton still loves her cape with a "P" on it! 

Graham wasn't too sure about wearing the cape but we came prepared with a super hero shirt that has a velcro cape on the back. He never noticed that it was there! He had a great time with his friends and it is so nice that we are at an age with him where he goes and does his thing and is more independent and it is nice to watch him play with friends his age.

Lindsey makes the most amazing cakes. As soon as Peyton saw Gavin's cake she came up to me and told me that his cake was so cool and asked why she didn't have a three level cake at her birthday party. I just responded that all moms are good at different things and that making cakes was not my thing. Maybe one year I will get my act together and not try to deal with a cake the night before and surprise her....or order one from someone much more creative than me and surprise her.

There were tons of games which were so much fun to play including jumping over lava, the bat cave, and spraying silly string at villains and a piƱata but the best part was spending time with friends and celebrating a great friend! 


A couple of weeks after this Super Hero party we had another one celebrating our friends two little boys who were turning one and three. It was filled with so many friends and kids of all ages and it was a blast! 

She had a photo booth set up with props for all the families to get their picture...I am not included in the picture as I am the one taking the pictures!

The kids got to make their own capes and decorate them. We are certainly obtaining a large cape collection!

One of the best parts of the party was trying to free the super hero from ice. The kids had water guns and tried to melt the ice. They had so much fun! 

We have been super busy with birthday parties since these and they were the perfect way to kick off birthday party season. I love celebrating kids birthdays and are so incredibly thankful for the great friends our kids and us have here.

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