Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Peyton!

It absolutely shocked me that Peyton's birthday was already here. It seemed like just the other day we celebrated her third birthday (and first birthday in Saudi) and it was just another reminder at how much has changed in one year! 

This morning I gave her some birthday cards from the grandparents and then a stamp pad set and Chef costume gift that my friend Megan had sent her which I was hoping would entertain her for the rest of the day but instead.....

We celebrated her birthday during lunch time mostly because she couldn't wait any longer for her cake and presents. John was home for lunch and I didn't want to do another 4 hours of constant asking about her birthday! She helped me make a cake and ice and decorate it and then it was birthday time!

After her birthday we had her walk into her room to see her present....

Which was a doll house! John had went around and around while we were gone and got the doll house and all the pieces from several toy stores in Bahrain and Saudi and we set it up the night before and snuck it into her room during lunch time. 

We had a great day celebrating Peyton as a family and are so thankful for the four years we have had with her. She consistently brings so much laughter to our family! We love her confidence and boldness and she constantly amazes us with how much she knows and how mature she is. Being her parent and guiding her has been by far harder than we have ever anticipated but yet it has been so rewarding! We are so in love with you Peyton Pumpkin and look forward to this next year with you!

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