Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our First Visitor to Saudi

Just after Peyton's birthday we welcomed our first visitor to Saudi, John's mom and the kids Grandma Martha! Peyton had been looking forward to it so much and was even more excited that she would be sleeping in her room. Despite almost missing her connecting flight into Bahrain and then her bags not making the flight and showing up a couple of days later, the flight went well and she got here safely! She flew into Bahrain and John went and picked her up and helped her go through the customs process on the causeway as opposed to the Saudi airport which is a little more overwhelming especially when you have never been over here. The next morning the kids both woke up to a wonderful surprise and were so excited!

We spent the next couple of weeks showing her our life here, taking her along to swimming lessons, ballet, the beach, the coffee shop and what our life is around camp. Martha and I went out one night on the shoppers bus without kids to give her a taste of the mall and shopping here with the prayer schedule and differences. I enjoyed the time just to ourselves to catch up and spend time together without the distractions of kids. One evening we went out as a family to the souks and a store called Desert Designs to look for some souvenirs for Martha to take home.

We also took a trip to Bahrain to show her the difference between shopping in Saudi and in Bahrain as well as visit our favorite breakfast place. We also spent the next weekend overnight in Bahrain and visited the Grand Mosque which was educational for everyone.

I really did an awful job in getting pictures while she was here. I know that Grandma Martha did so I will have to get them from her later! 

A quick trip but we were very thankful for the time together and that she was able to come over. It was so much nicer and easier to have her visiting us than to try to manage a trip down to Texas with our crew! We are hoping more family will be visiting us in the future....hint...hint!

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