Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2013

Christmas this year was pretty weird since my two younger sisters were backpacking in Thailand and not with us. It was the first time that my family hasn't been together on Christmas. I know that it is bound to happen sometime but it was still hard and strange. It was probably a good transition into not "normal" Christmas celebrations as it looks like we will be in Saudi next Christmas which will be a huge change for everyone.

We went to Christmas Eve service and enjoyed a beautiful candlelight service and then we came back for our traditional snack feast. My mom also makes tons of appetizers and we eat those for dinner. Lots of fun snack foods, appetizer and goodies to feast on.

We then got into our pajamas and read the Night Before Christmas, the Christmas story and then wrote our letter to Santa and put out cookies and milk and a carrot for the reindeers. Peyton was so excited this year and was ready to go to bed. She surprisingly didn't get out until we woke her up in the morning. 

We were all pretty blessed with lots of gifts and the kids were pretty spoiled. Thankfully we have a house now that we were able to leave some gifts at which also means things for the kids to do when we all head back this summer. We had a wonderful Christmas dinner and although it was small and missing a couple of family members it was nice and we were thankful to be back with my parents for Christmas. Next year should be interesting....I already brought some more Christmas lights and some new decorations home with us to help make us in the Christmas spirit in the desert. I am excited about spending Christmas in Saudi next year but nervous as I am sure it will be hard being away from family for the first time.

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