Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Some of the things we did in Bellingham

The majority of the time we were in Bellingham we were working on our house. But we managed to sneak in other activities.

We attended church as much as we could. My parents have made Hillcrest Chapel their church home and we have made it ours as well. Peyton LOVES their children ministry and is always looking forward to going and we are excited at one day being able to move back and get more involved. 

We made our annual sugar Christmas cookies and then decorated them. Graham was old enough this year to get involved with the process.

We played in the rain often and shortly after getting there went to a consignment store for some rainboots which were a lifesaver. So easy to slip on and off and nice dry feet and as many puddles to jump in as the kids could find. Defiantly the way to go every winter! I am sure if we actually lived in Washington the winters/rain would get to us eventually but I LOVE it. I love the rain, I love knowing that it is what contributes the beautiful greenery around us and it doesn't bother me. I make sure to wear boots or my waterproof running shoes and a good jacket and I am set. I was a little cold somedays and so I need to upgrade my jacket but overall I loved the weather!

I bought tickets to take Peyton to the Nutcracker Ballet. It was a fun girls night with my mom as well. Peyton enjoyed it and was really interested in the first part and I decided to leave on a good note and so we left during intermission and went to get ice cream. It was at Mt Baker Theater in Bellingham and the theatre was beautiful. Totally unexpected. A fun night and maybe next year or the year after that we will make it through the whole show. I am glad we did it though and that she was able to attend her first ballet!

We visited many of our favorite eating spots. Had some mexican (or at least Washington's healthy version of it) and of course visited Rocket Donuts several times. John even got me a Rocket Donut coffee cup on our last trip there before we came back to Saudi so I could have a little bit of Bellingham with me here.

We love Bellingham so much! And every time we are there it feels more and more like our home! I love that John was able to spend more time there and see why I love it so much and why it feels like the right place for us to raise our family. I am even more excited that he gets to come this summer and experience the beautiful weather, parks, festivals, farmers markets and so much more! We really miss our new home of Washington when we are away....

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