Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Flight back to Washington

Our flight back to Washington went surprisingly well...mostly because I had John with me and it is a thousand times easier to fly with a one to one ratio! I don't know if I will ever fly by myself again.....maybe....

We flew through London again this time and again the plane was crazy hot while sitting at the gate. The last time I flew with Graham, he ended up getting violently sick and throwing up the entire flight. Although there were several things that probably contributed to it, I do feel like the heat helped start it off. I was prepared for him though and had him dressed in really light clothes, no blanket and instructions for John to fan him until we were up in the air. I forgot however....about me....and I was the victim this time. I had already been under the weather and recovering from a cold and I did not do well. Thankfully John had Graham and I just had Peyton who unfortunately didn't sleep much on the flight but at least was content to just watch movies. I was so thankful that John was with me, I have no idea what I would have done on my own and am thankful that all the other times I have flown by myself I have not gotten sick!

We landed in London and had about an 8-10 hour layover so we went to check into a hotel, get showered, changed, eat some yummy breakfast and have some naps. We had already received our boarding passes in Bahrain so we could just go through the security and straight to our gate which was quick and easy. Our second flight yielded more vomiting for mom but other than a couple of crying episodes from Graham (which lasted all of two minutes each) it was a good flight.

When we landed in Vancouver and made it very slowly to the passport line as Graham now insists on walking and pulling his own backpack with no help (which is nice but SLOW) through the airport, I was worried about the line and having to wait with the kids and since I didn't have the solo parent card I didn't expect to get any special treatment. Thankfully we still did get some special VIP treatment and were moved to the front! We made it through, got our bags and were out to find G.

I LOVED hearing Peyton talk to Graham about finding her G and what to look for and on and on and on... As soon as we were out of the doors into the waiting area she starting looking for her and as soon as Peyton saw her, she dropped her bags and ran in between people as fast as she can to get to her for a big hug. Every time I see them see each other after a long time apart it makes the whole flight/travel process worth it. We were then off to drive across the border into Washington and for a month of enjoying family, our new house and rain!

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