Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snow days...

Nothing like snow to make it feel like Christmas! Bellingham doesn't get much snow in the city but my parents live higher and often get snow. They can have snow as soon as you leave their driveway into the rest of their gated community, the community won't have snow. 

We had a couple of days with light flurries and not much. Some would stick but nothing too impressive.

Well one day it started snowing with light flurries in the city of Bellingham so we knew by the time we got to my parents that there should be a good amount of snow. 

We were pretty shocked when we came back and saw this as soon as we pulled through the gate....

Since we knew there must even more snow by my parents and that there was no way we would be able to get up the hill to their house safely, we decided to park the car at the bottom and walk up in the snow. 

You can see their house at the top left corner. The hill leading up there is a difficult walk when there is no snow and it was hard work walking up. 

My dad came down in the tractor and drove Peyton up to the top. Graham however was scared to go on the tractor so we had to carry him up the hill. Nothing like carrying 33 pounds up a slippery and snowing steep hill! 

Of course all that snow means play time. We went sledding down the hill in front of their house, attempted to make a snow man and did snow angels. Poor Graham had to wear Peyton's hat as I forgot his at our house. They had a blast!

We didn't make it up to Mt Baker this year but they were having record snow falls. I am looking forward to taking the kids skiing one year. Lots of fun in the snow!

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