Saturday, March 1, 2014

Baby Girl's Woodland Inspired Nursery

When we decided to not find out the gender at the beginning of this pregnancy my only request was that we plan the nursery and work towards a complete gender neutral nursery.  It was super hard for me to find something that wasn't too boyish or too girly and that I would like. I found a couple of ideas that were "box sets" from various stores but decided I wanted to do just take pieces I loved from here and there and put them together. 

So, I went to Etsy and started with finding a baby quilt that I liked and found a woodland inspired quilt with gray, yellow and an aqua color and just some fun patterns.

Purchased from Cool Spool on Etsy. 
And that was the start of a woodland inspired nursery. I found a bunch of various items and made a collage of items in Power Point to see how they worked together and really started loving the mix of modern, fun and various pieces. Thankfully I was heading home to Washington and was able to order all the items (mostly from Etsy) and bring it all back and put together a nursery that John and I love. It is exactly what I was planning in my head!

Here is the view from the door which has the dresser/changing table and then a chair that we have had but bought a new cover from Ikea to help match the room. 

Beaver Storage Caddy from 3 Sprouts
Changing pad cover from Land of Nod
The mobile above the chair was something I bought while I was in Nepal. I was just early on in my pregnancy and I wanted to bring something from that trip home for the nursery. The elephants with their trunks up symbolize good luck and good fortune and is a reminder of an amazing trip that I had and a dream come true to be able to experience that and this little girl got to be apart of that memory.

Birch Tree hooks from Vermont Branch Company on Etsy.
The dresser and changing table was from Peyton's room and since they needed a bigger dresser it worked great to move it into the nursery. I bought some hand painted wooden knobs from a shop on Etsy and then bought different prints off of Etsy and some from Ikea and then made an art wall above with the feature being a white elk head. The blue pin on the bottom left is a place holder for a white wooden letter for her name (still being narrowed down from four possible options). 

Ceramic deer head from Land of Nod

Yellow with various woodland creatures painted on wooden drawer knobs from Cool Lisa Art on Etsy.

I fell in love with this bird on the camera print I saw on Etsy. It was so fun and also represented something that is important to me. I thought it was a perfect addition. And once we found out we are having a girl, I did go a little more girly with frames and other additions. And then the "What does the fox say," print was too funny to pass up. Our kids (especially Graham) loves the song and I thought it was such a fun addition to the room to help remember fun memories of dancing and singing with the kids right now.

Purchased from Me and Wee on Etsy
What does the Fox Say? print from Backyard Daises on Etsy. 
The crib sits in this little alcove that you see as soon as you walk into the room. Putting up the vinyl trees was a tedious and long (seven hours) project but was worth it. The birdhouse light will stay there until she gets mobile and then we will have to find a new spot in the room for it so she doesn't pull it down on her. But for now it is her little forest area!

Custom Elk head crib sheet ordered from Ivie Baby on Etsy
Reversible crib skirt from Land of Nod
Bird house night light order from Modern Treetop Baby on Etsy
Vinyl birch trees ordered In An Instant Art from Etsy

And then on the other wall and near the crib is her bookcase and toy storage area. Peyton found the stuffed tree that has little birds and woodland creatures that hide inside and peak out at a local store in Bellingham and it has become the big kids favorite thing in the room. They always go in her room and play with it. 

Ordered off of Etsy from True Love Creates
Fox hamper from 3 Sprouts, currently using for toy storage
Gray storage bins from Pottery Barn Kids
Nightlight from Land of Nod
We love her nursery and are so excited to have it done and waiting for our sweet little girl. It is surreal to think that we will be bringing a new baby to our home here in Saudi and it has been sweet to see the transformation that our house here has gone through from bringing Graham as a pretty new baby (10 weeks) with nothing here and then setting up their rooms once our shipment arrived to now doing rooms over again for a new phase of our life. 

Now that the nursery is done we are onto the many other things to do to get ready for her arrival in May...


Stori Wann said...

I love it! Isla's first birthday was Woodland inspired, although not nearly as thoroughly and beautifully done as your parties! Seriously, everything you do looks professional! This nursery is adorable... all you are missing is a hedgehog :). I love hedgehogs!

The Acord Family said...

Thank you Stor, you are so sweet! There is actually two hedgehogs in there! There is a print above the dresser and one of the knobs is a hedgehog. But I wanted a hedgehog pillow or something like that and it was hard to find! Hope you are doing well with pregnancy #3, what wonderful and exciting news!