Friday, May 2, 2014

36 Weeks

I have made it into May….only 20 more days left until our scheduled delivery date! Still no major changes or news with baby which is a good thing. We do have an appointment on Monday so we will see how everything is then and hopefully we will be continuing with the theme of healthy, no complications and keep waiting until her delivery date on May 22. 

If we do make it until the 22nd that will be longest I have ever been pregnant! Peyton decided to come at 37 weeks, Graham was born at 38 weeks and she will be born at 38 weeks and 6 days (because I turn 39 weeks on a Friday which is our weekend and they won't let me go past 39 weeks because the hospital is over an hour away and they are worried about me going into labor and possible complications). 

35 weeks and 4 days
I am feeling incredibly restless and bored. I don't have enough energy to do anything like clean, cook, walk….anything really but I am restless with just sitting around and waiting. I got everything together and ready for her way too soon and now I have nothing to do but wait….and I am horrible at waiting! I am trying to be patient and enjoy the stillness and quiet of these final few weeks but it has been hard. It also doesn't help that Peyton and Graham are equally as ready for her to arrive and are getting tired of this waiting business. Not sure if Peyton is really excited about the baby or all the promised activities we have planned for her that all happen after baby arrives….Graham I know is excited about baby! 

Physically I am doing well for being 36 weeks pregnant. I am thankfully sleeping better which helps but am still tired in the mornings and pretty worn out by the end of the day but I am sure the increase in outdoor temperature and older kids activities play a huge part in my energy level. It has gotten too hot (and I am too big/tired) for walks and so I cut those out last week after I walked Graham to school and on the way home wondered what I would do if my water brooke….I felt that uncomfortable! And, if the old wives tale about heartburn and babies hair is true….she is going to rival Rapunzel! Oh my goodness it is so bad….I take a Zantac in the morning and in the afternoon and it is still bad. I am pretty sure I have gained some weight since my last appointment as my clothes options are getting less and less with things no fitting but I am not sure since my appetite is very little with how bad my heartburn is. So we will see on Monday. 

Overall all is well and we are just waiting for the 22nd or for whenever she is ready to come! 


Stori Wann said...

I feel you on the heartburn! I hate Zantac, that never, ever worked for me. I found Prilosec OTC worked best, and is fine during pregnancy and for the short term but I don't know if you can get it there. I know for me something happened right at week 37 and I was just DONE and ready to get my babes on out! I'm praying for you these last few difficult weeks. I can't wait to see baby Rosy! :)

The Acord Family said...

Good to know that I am not the only one who thinks I am taking placebo pills instead of Zantac. But no…we can't get Prilosec OTC and I ran out of TUMS weeks ago so it is just a steady intake of bland food and vanilla ice cream!