Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Celebrations

For Mother's Day both of the kids teacher's went above and beyond in recognizing the mom's and made it such a special day!

Peyton's class had a special Mother's Day event and brought us home invitations the week before to a performance. Peyton was so excited about me coming to her school and I was so nervous that for some random reason I would go into labor on my own and miss it. I had tried to prep her in case that was the case and picked a substitute mommy for her but I was still so anxious. The night before I didn't sleep at all because despite having no symptoms or signs of impending labor I was worried I wouldn't make it and she would be devastated. 

Thankfully I didn't go into labor and arrived to find a picture frame that she had painted with a picture of us and a book she wrote and illustrated about their mom. It was very sweet and she was so excited to show me everything.

She had wanted to get all dressed up in her fancy dress for the celebration and was just so happy to have me at her classroom. It was a sweet morning with my little girl!

They had prepared a song that they had been practicing and performed that for all the mom's.

After the performance, we went to play with them in whatever station around the classroom they wanted to. Peyton and I played a memory/guessing game and then colored on some white boards. It was a great morning and I left feeling so loved and thankful for the work that the teachers had put into that morning. 

Graham came home from his school with all kinds of goodies for me and the best part was the big hug, kiss and him yelling, "you are the best mommy," when I picked him up. He also performed the song on his paper that he made for me later was so proud of the medal and wanted me to wear it all day.

The best part of my day by far was getting to experience the kids joy, excitement and pride in the things they made at school and it made me feel so very loved!

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