Friday, May 30, 2014

Arrival of G And a Surprise….

In the last few weeks leading up to Shiloh's arrival we had the surprise that G…my mom…had decided  to come out and visit us once Shiloh arrived. We had worked on a visa for her earlier in the year but the timing wasn't right and so we left it but to our surprise, my mom had finished up the visa process and would be arriving one week after Shiloh.

The kids were over the moon excited and had a countdown calendar on the fridge to keep track of how many days until Shiloh arrived and then when G would arrive. Before she arrived we made signs for G.

Thursday night G arrived in the Middle East even after some flight delays in the States that thankfully my dad was able to sort out and help get her here only a couple of hours delayed versus the couple of days it was looking like. But since she was getting in later the kids were not able to go with John to pick her up which they were upset about but we hung up the signs they made on the door for her to see when she arrived and they went to bed with the promise of G and a big surprise in the morning. 

John drove to Bahrain to pick up G and although he had a horribly long wait on the causeway going into Bahrain, they arrived home and through customs/passports with no issues. G was able to meet Shiloh and then we were all off to bed knowing we would have two excited kids waking up super early. I had told the kids before they went to bed that they were not to wake up G and when they woke up to come get me to help make breakfast in bed for G and then we would get her. My hope was to stall them as long as possible. Well…G was already up and ready due to jet lag so they didn't have to wait. 

G then gave them their surprise she brought with her……

A giant inflatable slide/pool thing which the kids LOVE! They are having a blast playing with it and it I am sure it will be used often this summer! They played all morning, and then again in the afternoon and then again after dinner…and then asked the next morning to play! They love it! It was great fun watching them play and climb and wear themselves out….a great start to our vacation with G!

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