Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lots of things to countdown to….

Today is two weeks until we are scheduled to meet our little girl! And although she could come at anytime, knowing how I have NEVER gone into labor on my own I am pretty sure she will hold out as long as possible! We are all so excited and I know that although two weeks isn't that long I am sure it will drag by SO SLOWLY!

And then today we found out that my mom is coming to Saudi to visit us!! She will be here on the 29th of May so in three weeks! So many fun and exciting things to look forward towards. The kids were over the moon with excitement and Peyton hasn't stopped talking about it all day. She is so excited to have her G here and show her life here in Saudi. We made a calendar for the remainder of the month with the due date, when mommy will be home from the hospital and then G's arrival date as well to help the kids keep track of how many days and to keep them from constantly asking me how many days until….

So many wonderful things to look forward to. Let the countdown begin!

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