Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby Boy Acord is now.....

We have unofficially settled on a name for baby #2 for a couple of weeks now which pretty much meant that I no longer offered suggestions and started calling him the name to see if it fit and also researched any potential issues with the name. John needed a little bit more time to make sure that this was the name and we prayed together on Monday actually using the name and he said it felt right and last night he finally gave me the go-ahead to reveal our little man's name.

So Baby #2 will be called...........

Graham Ryerson Acord

I am so excited and love his name and it feels so right calling him Graham. It was such work figuring out a name! I started when we found out we were pregnant saving a note on my phone with any and every name that possibly sounded like a possibility and so we found out it was a boy we already had around 40 boy names and 30 girl names!

We then went through and removed some names that John would in no way name our son (I was a little more liberal in unique name choices), added a couple more and kept doing that process every now and then. It was so hard! I even put it out on Facebook and actually got more suggestions that I loved which just added to our list! So much harder than I thought! We then ended up with three somehow and after much deliberation we were left between Hudson (a name I always loved), and Graham and for some reason I could not get Hudson to feel right. So Graham it is!

His middle name is my Great Great Grandpa Topping's name. We wanted his middle name to have some meaning to us and Peyton's middle name is Elise which is a variation of Elizabeth, my middle name and so I asked my mom for some family names and Ryerson came up. We love that it is unique but also comes from my family and even more so from my Grandpa Topping's side who passed away earlier this year and he meant so much to me.

So, there you have it....Graham Ryerson Acord! We love calling him by a name and are excited to hear other people use it now too!


Stori said...

I love that name! Good choice... I love it. It reminds me of King Graham from the KQ series :). Its very unusual, but also normal at the same time.

Joel Griffin said...

I like the name.