Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fun, Funky Desk

When we found out that we were expecting we knew that we had enough space in our house as long as it was used to its fullest. There were several big projects that needed to happen in order for us to become more organized and use our space since we were converting the study/guest room into Graham's room!

First was the laundry room organization which could have been used a long time before! Second was the master bedroom closet and adding a bookshelf in there for our office supplies and books....done....a little full in our closet but it fits! Then it was organizing the garage/garage sale and organizing the attic.....the garage sale is done and the garage and attic organization is in progress. Finally, if I ever found something that I really liked we wanted a desk in our bedroom to have a space to work on bills or anything else like that. I wanted something fun, funky and SMALL! Very hard to find without paying a fortune but I finally found something and we picked it up on Tuesday!

I bought it from a woman who has her own furniture painting/finishing business outside of her home and actually has a really awesome testimony of how she accepted Christ. She always has fun stuff but whenever I get around to looking it is always sold so I was super excited when I saw that this was still available. It looks great in our room and is just perfect for us!

Check her out at!

Now I am debating whether we want to have our kitchen table and chairs painted! I love the table and chairs but they not 100% my style and would love the look of them painted. We will see!

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Krysten Zauderer said...

Very pretty desk! We bought our instructions from her and did our table and buffet in our breakfast room. It turned out great!