Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Graham - Ultrasound

Tuesday I had an ultrasound with the specialist to determine if anything has changed as a result of my cramping/pain. Their thought has been that it wouldn't cause any changes in regards to my cervix etc but they wanted to make sure. Since my parents didn't get to see any ultrasound with Peyton because they were overseas, I asked them to come and they both came and I am so happy they did! My mom of course cried as soon as he appeared on the screen.

In addition to checking my cervix via ultrasound (looks good), they checked the placenta and its placement (also great) and then did a full anatomy scan on Graham and he looks wonderful! He is healthy, growing (just over a pound now) and is very active! All of his organs are working and forming as they should and I loved seeing him again and having my parents share in that experience. The technician also did a 3D image of his face for us and I think she mostly did it because my parents were there with me. He is so cute! You can't tell too much about his features, he just looks like a cute squishy baby! Graham is currently breached which is kind of amusing since he is in the exact same spot and position as Peyton! But it is early and he could move around and it doesn't matter either way since I will be having a repeat c-section. I do want him to move so his legs won't be up by his face and have any of the hip problems we avoided but could have been faced with Peyton. Remember that?

I will try to upload some pictures later but we have had a busy week and even busier weekend so no promises. His due date did read March 22 instead of March 19 on the ultrasound but he is measuring a week early still so that puts him at March since I am having a c-section we are guessing anywhere between March 7-15. Either way....a long ways to go...ugh...but I have to keep this precious baby cooking!!

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