Sunday, November 21, 2010

Road Trip to.....AUSTIN!

This weekend we took advantage of the Longhorns awful football season and made a trip to Austin to take Peyton to her first game! At the beginning of the season we thought Austin could be a fun trip away but didn't want to pay the average of $70 per a ticket for something we were not sure if Peyton would even sit through. So, when I look the other week and found tickets for $8 per ticket we took advantage of that and a steal on a hotel that we bid on through Priceline...about a 70% discount! So, Friday afternoon we dropped off Titus to be boarded and off we went!

Overall the weekend had some pleasant memories but I don't know what Peyton's deal was but she was CRANKY! She has been cranky for the past several days and I haven't figured out why but pretty much there were lots of meltdowns, constantly hearing the word "no" and just a fussy baby. Since she was like that before we left and then woke up today just as fussy so it isn't a travel thing and I just want this to pass ASAP!

We got to Austin and of course Peyton had just fallen asleep about 30 minutes prior as opposed to when we left Houston as planned so we drove to the hotel and John and I took turns bringing in stuff and getting settled and then we drove to campus and Peyton woke up along the way. We stopped and saw the big "cow." We then saw the "tower" which she LOVED! She constantly kept asking to see the tower! We went on a walk around campus to stretch our legs and Peyton was very amused with the amount of stairs around, rocks, squirrels and had a blast!

We then went to eat at Trudy's and we had awful planning. We did not do well as parents! We should have left campus a whole lot earlier or gone for an early dinner. We know that there is always a wait and I don't know why we didn't plan better. So, we showed up and waited for an hour (twice as long as we were told)...not fun for Peyton and finally sat down to eat close to 8:00! She had eaten snacks and a late lunch so she wasn't too hungry but she was tired of waiting. First thing we ordered, before drinks was rice, beans and some tortillas and the waitress was amazing and brought it out super fast! She did wonderful through dinner which was nice considering the wait was pretty rough and I was expecting to not make it through dinner. We were sitting by the bar area so the televisions and drunk college students were amusing enough for her as well as mom's reenactment of Toy Story with her little figurines. You didn't know that Buzz Light year loves tortillas did you?

We headed to the hotel, got settled and all slept. Well, Peyton slept! We had two double beds so if Peyton wanted her own she could have it. Well, she wanted Mommy to sleep with her but between her taking up so much room and my belly I had to move to the other bed when she fell asleep and since I was so uncomfortable with not having my pillows, an uncomfortable bed etc, I slept all by myself in that bed and John got stuck with Peyton. She did sleep through the night which is what counts right!

We woke up and headed to Kerbey Lane for some of my favorite PUMPKIN PANCAKES! I ordered this huge plate of eggs, sausage and pancakes so I could share with Peyton. Intention was to give her a piece of my pancakes and all the eggs and sausages. Peyton's plan...steal a WHOLE pancake and refuse the eggs and sausage. I did enjoy the one pancake she left me with. I love Kerbey Lane breakfast and wish I could eat there every morning.

After breakfast Peyton needed a nap so we drove around Austin and she slept in the car. I found numerous houses that I would like to move to...mostly in Westlake Hills....maybe someday! We also drove through Zilker park which I miss so much! I loved taking Titus there and running and just enjoying the outdoors. We ended up at the Domain, a new outdoor shopping center, which is nice and has a wide variety of super expensive stores and more affordable ones. There we found this nice armadillo which provided much needed entertainment. We followed up with a trip to Chick Fila and then it was game time!
It was a REALLY REALLY long walk to our seats. We paid way too much for parking to try to be closer to the stadium as opposed to what we normally do which is park far north of campus and walk. We were close to the stadium but our seats were up there (what you get for $8 seats) so we had to walk a long ways. As soon as we got into the stadium I got her some cotton candy and she held on tight to her present as daddy carried her to our seats and she quickly devoured it when we sat down.

Football is not as interesting after you are finished with your cotton candy and she hung in there for a little while but after multiple timeouts and nothing interesting to point out she was ready to get out and see the "tower," I asked if some skittles would do in the meantime and that bought us another quarter. I almost spent more in concessions than I did tickets which makes me laugh because pre Peyton I never bought anything at a game!

After her sugar binge she was getting a little bored with this football stuff! She would occasionally stand up and cheer and be silly but mostly she just wanted to cuddle with daddy.

We made it to halftime and watched the band...she is checking it out trying to decide if she is a band girl or a cheerleader. She was a little more interested in the cheerleaders/dancers which I don't think daddy was too happy with!

I asked her if she wanted to go and she told me she wanted to go to "Papa's," well, considering that was three hour drive away she decided that rolling in the grass behind the stadium was good enough. She had lots of fun but keep trying to run off and play with two different groups of boys. There were two groups of girls but she wanted to play football or keep away with the boys!

We walked back to say good bye to the tower and find the squirrel that she saw the day before and then headed back to the car and headed home. I turned on Toy Story for her and before we made it out of the campus area she was out and slept the majority the way home. When we got home she went straight to her bed and crawled in and was out.

It was fun seeing Peyton experience a place that means so much to John and I and that I LOVE and MISS so much! The last time we were in Austin I was pregnant with Peyton and the last time I went to a game was my senior year where I was engaged about to venture into a new life in Houston, getting much has changed in four years!

I joked with John and Peyton when we were leaving the game that in 16 years or so we could be dropping her off there to start classes! That would make me so happy....mostly because I love Austin and have such fond memories of UT......... and I would be more than happy to visit!

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Stori said...

You look fantastic Che! I know exactly how you feel. I feel the same way about College Station, and my heart would break just a leeetle bit if Isla decided that she didn't want to be an Aggie girl!