Saturday, November 20, 2010

Peyton Thanksgiving Feast

Peyton's school had their very own Thanksgiving feast on Thursday however it was far from the traditional feast you would expect.

All the kids were instructed to bring their favorite food. The teachers asked earlier in the week and some kids did say what it was however as expected Peyton didn't let them know and all week when I asked her what her favorite food was I was told, "no." That might be her favorite word but we can't make that! So, I decided that she loves muffins a.k.a cupcakes and she loves to help me bake so we made pumpkin muffins. Most of the other food available was lots of nuggets, macaroni, cheese, crackers and various fruits. There was one kid who apparently liked broccoli and rice casserole! It was super yummy!

My parents came with me and Peyton was super excited to see them and kept yelling Papa from her seat when she saw us. It was lots of fun getting to eat lunch with her and I think she had a good time as well. My mom took pictures with her camera so when we head over there later I will go ahead and upload some!

Fun times and let the feasting looking forward to Thanksgiving! I love it!

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