Friday, February 11, 2011

Party until you crash!

Today Peyton had her Valentine's Day Party at school! Which meant lots of candy for mommy to be tempted by tonight! I only had one...

Last night I thought it was funny that although it was her party I was the one stuffing all the bags and making the Valentine' of the many times I am sure that will happen! Also, when we were talking about school and her party during dinner she asked if her Granny and Papa were coming to the party....she already told me that Daddy was not coming because he had to work! So, I told her that she could call and invite them and she did. I coached her the words to say but she called them and asked Granny to come and it was adorable! Loved it!

Most of the party focused around decorating a cupcake that left it full of icing, sprinkles and candy and thus inedible and eating candy. There was a craft to do but she was so consumed with the eating/sugar part we never got to that.

The party (or maybe the 30-40 minute temper tantrum later that afternoon) must have worn her out because at dinner when we were all eating our dessert, John and I were talking and not really watching Peyton and then John told me to look at Peyton and this is what we saw....
Yes...she fell asleep while eating her Popsicle and it was hilarious. I felt bad for laughing but it was pretty funny especially since she insisted on finishing her Popsicle even though she couldn't keep her eyes open. It was an early night for Peyton for sure!

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