Friday, June 29, 2012

SUYL- Kids Rooms

I am participating in Show Us Your Life on Kelly's Korner and today is featuring kids rooms. 

This is Graham's room and it is actually a picture of what it looked like in Texas. It looks pretty much the same here but for some reason it looked better in Texas. Probably because I haven't bothered to paint here and don't feel like it :) 

I had a hard time finding boy bedding that I liked and after a long search we went to High Fashion in Houston and found some fabric and we went from there. My mom helped me make the curtains and bed skirt and the accent pillows. Then my mom painted these elephants to go with the decor. 

I made the lamps by adding ribbon to a simple Ikea lamp shade and I found the baskets from Babies R Us. The rug is from Pottery Barn Kids. 

The letter is from Etsy from Whimsical can find the link from this post I did earlier. And we found the bed skirt, changing pad cover from Babies R Us. I added drawer knobs I found at Hobby Lobby to an Ikea dresser.

Here is Peyton's room here in Saudi. I redid her room when we moved here and it is one of my favorite rooms in the house. The bedding, rug, wall art, curtains and decals are all from Pottery Barn Kids.

The art above her dresser is an original painting that my mom did for her. Peyton loves it and tells pretty much everyone who comes into her room that her G painted it for her.

As you can tell...her room is huge! It has a reading corner, room for toys and then her play table and easel. You could easily put two kids in here! All of her furniture (besides the bookcase that has her toys on it) are from Ikea and the other bookcase is from Target. The lamps are from Target...the pink one is from Ikea. I love Ikea for kids furniture because if they color on it, put stickers on it or ruin it, you are not out a whole bunch of money and don't take all that great of care of things!

There are the kids rooms! It is always fun to decorate their rooms because you can have so much fun with different colors and patterns!


Nichole said...

Hey...just wanted to let you know that I found your blog from Kelly's SUYL. I saw that you were living in Saudi Arabia (!), so I started reading back a little bit to see what took you guys over there. Anyway, long story short I saw your newborn pictures of your little guy and realized they were taken by Jessica...who I went to high school with! Small world. :-) Just thought that was too funny not to share!

Natasha said...

I found you through Kelly's Korner and just spent some time reading some of your blog. We live just a little south of Toronto and my son is three and my daughter just turned one. You sure have an interesting life :)

The Acord Family said...

Natasha....glad you found our blog and enjoyed reading about our lives! I have family actually that lives in the Muskoka area so we are very familiar with the whole area and love spending summers up there!