Friday, March 14, 2014

29 Weeks With Baby #3

We are 29 weeks along with our baby girl and still feeling great! I should really work on getting John to take a real picture of me and my bump but by the time he is home from work we are busy with activities, dinner and bedtimes that I just forget.

28 weeks
As for everything with baby and pregnancy…everything is going well. I have no idea how much weight I have gained so far because we don't have a scale, and I don't have a doctor's appointment for another two weeks but I am thinking it is less than with the other two since when I look at old pictures it looks like less and I am feeling really good. It is amazing how much calories I am sure I am burning just by caring for two kids all day. And I know with living here and not having many takeout options and having to cook homemade food almost every night helps considerably! It is has been a nice and healthy feeling pregnancy! 

Baby is a kicker and puncher and mover! She moves so much and is so much more active than either of the other two and she is strong. John can easily feel her move from side to side and punch and kick away. She is still breeched as far as I can tell as her kicks are all low and an occasional high punch. The kids aren't patient enough to wait for her to kick them and her active period is 8-10 PM when they are asleep but they have felt her once or twice and did listen to her heartbeat again the other day with a doppler I borrowed from a friend.

28 weeks and 5 days…close enough to 29!
No real cravings, no food aversions and a decent amount of energy. I do get tired a little more easily but it isn't too bad yet and it is only about once a week that I need an afternoon nap to make it through the day and that is normally after a busy morning (like Graham's sports day or his birthday party). I am still able to walk Graham to school every now and then and do some modified workouts when I know I don't have some other activity planned for that day like soccer practice or a school field trip to chaperone. It tends to be one main activity a day that I can handle. Thankfully I experience very little to no cramping unless I have done way too much but it is avoidable and goes away pretty quickly. In the past few weeks the only time I was experiencing the cramping pain was after Graham's birthday party and it was much more mild than earlier on in the pregnancy and with my pregnancy with Graham.

I am starting to feel the uncomfortable, this belly is huge feeling at night time. By the time we are done with dinner I am achy and feel huge but thankfully a bath and just laying down the rest of the evening helps and by morning I am feeling great again. 

We have our next doctor's appointment the end of the month and are continuing to pray that my blood pressure stays low/normal and that this continues to be a healthy and easy pregnancy! 

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