Monday, March 3, 2014

Our weekends lately

With soccer season going and the beautiful weather outside we have settled into a pretty nice weekend routine and the majority of it is outside because we know how soon it will be before it gets really hot!

Our weekends start with a lazy Friday morning and then we often take a walk or a bike ride down the path along the beach towards a coffee shop on camp and stop for ice cream and coffee before walking home and stopping at a park or two on the way. It is such a nice way for John and I to catch up, enjoy beautiful weather, the beach and start the weekend off with some great family time!

Not every weekend, but on occasion (like once a month) we have family movie night in our room. We move a TV into our room, get snacks, buy a new movie on iTunes and have movie night. The kids are allowed to sleep in our room that night however the last one they both opted to go to their rooms when it came to bedtime which was probably for the best since my baby belly takes up any extra space in the bed.

Saturday mornings are either spent relaxing around the house, working on projects like the nursery or other house stuff and sometimes heading out to do some errands. But in the afternoon it is soccer game time!

Peyton playing goalie. She has shut out two teams! 

We are loving the beautiful weather and the great family time we have here. One of the main reasons we came here was for the time that it would allow us to focus on our family and the work/life balance especially while the kids are young and we are so thankful to have that!

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